By James Crook

120777487May 14 - American Olympic and Paralympic class sailors will be given free use of the new Jaguar Therapeutics fitness centre in Miami on the road to Rio 2016, as US Sailing extend their long-standing partnership with the Florida-based health company.

The centre is a collaboration between Jaguar and the United States Olympic Sailing Programme, and will provide a wide range of therapy, rehabilitation programmes and conditioning programming for athletes.

"Miami is the primary US training location for Team members and it was important that we establish additional resources for athletes who make it their base," said Josh Adams, managing director of US Olympic Sailing.

"As we expand our domestic training support for US athletes, having a well-rounded approach to injury prevention and ongoing fitness improvements is a key component.

Adams also hailed the work of Jaguar chief executive Chris Herrera, a member of the US Olympic Sailing Performance Enhancement Team and serves as the medical coordinator, acting as head physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach.

"We are fortunate to have someone as skilled and experienced as Chris managing the day-to-day fitness training geared specifically toward sailor athletes." he said.

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