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The 32nd General Assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia is now due to take place in Manila in JanuaryDecember 2 - The Olympic Council of Asia's (OCA) 32nd General Assembly, postponed last month because of the typhoon which hit the Philippines, will now take place in Manila on January 17 and 18, it has been announced today. 

The event will also include the Asian Games Centennial Festival,.
The events should have taken place on Boracay Island in the last week of November but were postponed due to the devastation and tragedy caused by Typhoon Haiyan which killed more than 5,000 people. 

The OCA now plans to hold the event in Manila, which it claims is a  fitting location as it was the host city for the first recognised international multi-sport event in Asia, the first Far Eastern Championship Games in 1913.

Typhoon Haiyan forced the OCA to postpone its original General Assembly in  Boracay ©Getty ImagesTyphoon Haiyan forced the OCA to postpone its original General Assembly in Boracay
©Getty Images

Delegates are due to arrive in Manila on January 16.

The following morning there will be meetings of the OCA Finance Committee and Environment Committee before the OCA Executive Board meeting starts at noon.

The Asian Games Centennial Festival is due to commence at 6pm on January 17.

The General Assembly is due to take place on January 18, starting at 10am at the Philippine International Convention Centre.

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