By Nick Butler

Republic of Congo will hope to benefit from the decision to bring all sports under judicial control ©Getty ImagesSteps have been taken to try to strengthen the autonomy of the Olympic Movement in the Republic of Congo. 

National sports federations in the African country are now obliged to recognise the existence of the Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of Sport (CCAS) following an agreement with the Congolese National Olympic and Sports Committee.

This decision, taken during a training seminar for leaders of National Federations and other sporting organisations, will make all bodies constitutionally obliged to the CCAS.

The CCAS, set up in December 2012, aims to settle all sporting disputes and conflicts involving federations and other sports bodies.

Although the body is supplemented by international organisations, including the Court of Arbitration for Sport, having a body within a country makes it far easier and cheaper for disputes to be resolved.

But CCAS President Corneille Moukala Moukoko warned the organisation is struggling due to lack of funds to the extent that it does not have a headquarters.

It is hoped the decision ts rulings must be accepted by an national bodies will lead to more support and funding.

It will also be hoped that this increasing streamlining and professionalisation of Congolese sport will lead to improvement in performance as the nation seeks to win its first Olympic medal.

Seven Congolese athletes attended the London 2012 Olympic Games, in the sports of athletics, swimming and table tennis, with sprinter Lorene Bazolo carrying the flag at the Opening Ceremony. 

Next year, the country is due to host the All-Africa Games in capital city Brazzaville from September 4 to 19.

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