The India team pose with their medals after victory at Melbourne 2006 ©Getty Images

A Commonwealth Games gold medal has been stolen during a break-in at a home in 2006 host Melbourne.

The property of table-tennis player Shibaji Datta was targeted on January 12 and the medal he won with the Indian team was taken, police have said.

"I spoke to my teammates in India and they are very disappointed," Datta told AAP.

"All I can say to the offender is that at the time they probably didn't realise and just took it because it is a gold thing.

"If I could get it back, it would be good.

"There is no financial worth attached to it in the market.

India beat Singapore to win in Melbourne
India beat Singapore to win in Melbourne ©Getty Images

"It's just sentimental value for me and my teammates as well."

Police say that jewellery, watches and electronic goods were also taken.

Datta lives in the city as he is currently a coach at Melbourne's Health, Wellness and Table Tennis club.

"The bloke it belongs to trained long and hard to compete and win the medal and for it to be stolen is devastating for him," said acting detective Daniel Jacuta.

India won the team title in Melbourne after a 3-2 victory over Singapore in the final at the Sports and Aquatics Centre.

It was one of 22 gold medals the Asian country won at that edition of the Games, with Subhajit Saha, Soumyadeep Roy and Sharath Kamal also in their successful table tennis line-up.