Willian Ozuna has been re-elected President of the Pan American Weightlifting Federation ©IWF

Willian Ozuna has been re-elected for a second four-year term as President of the Pan-American Weightlifting Federation (PAWF) at its Congress in Santo Dominigo.

Ozuna, who is also President of the Dominican Republic Weightlifting Federation, was the sole candidate for the position and was elected unanimously.

Cuba's was elected as general secretary among three candidates running for the position.

Chile's Cristian Harthey was chosen as treasurer. 

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International Weightlifting Federation President Tamás Aján addressed the officers of the Pan American Weightlifting Federation, including Colombia's Ana Camacho, the first woman ever to be elected to the Board ©IWF

Colombia's Ana Camacho made a little bit of history after becoming the first female to serve on the PAWF Board in its 40-year history following her election as vice-president. 

She was one of three vice-presidents chosen, along with Puerto Rica's Andres Vargas and America's Kyle Pierce.

The Congress was attended by International Weightlifting Federation President Tamás Aján and vice-president Sam Coffa, along with delegates from 22 members of the PAWF. 

The event was named “Congreso Eleccionario Santo Domingo 2016 in Memoriam Eddie Suarez” in memory of the PAWF's late general secretary, who died last year.

His son, Eddie Suarez Rojas, addressed the Congress and thanked the weightlifting community for their support.