A new Norwegian Tournament could form part of the men's FIS Ski Jumping World Cup ©Getty Images

A new "Norwegian Tournament" could form part of the men's International Ski Federation (FIS) Ski Jumping World Cup next season after a provisional calendar was drawn up.

The event would feature six competitions in the country - five individual and one team - and take place between March 11 and 19 in 2017.

Four hills would be used for the tournament, in Oslo, Lillehammer, Trondheim and Vikersund.

The Norwegian Ski Association hope that the idea, proposed at meetings held by the FIS Ski Jumping Sub-Committees in Zurich, will boost the sport in the country.

Jumpers would compete for the Norwegian Tournament title but their points would also count to the overall World Cup standings, in the same fashion as the prestigious Four Hills event which is currently part of the season.

Vikersund would host ski flying events under the plans.

All four hills were used last season, but not consecutively. 

Another major change to the season will see the men's World Cup campaign begin in Klingenthal in Germany.

Norway's Kenneth Gangnes was third in the men's World Cup in 2015/16
Norway's Kenneth Gangnes was third in the men's World Cup in 2015/16 ©Getty Images

The venue has been proposed to replace another German hill at Titisee-Neustadt, which is undergoing reconstruction.

The women's season is set to again begin in Lillehammer while Pyeongchang is a notable addition the calendar with test events planned in the 2018 Winter Olympic host.

Action at the South Korean venue will begin with two women's World Cups on January 7 and 8, before the men compete on February 15 and 16.

All of the proposals will now be submitted to National Ski Associations, before the Ski Jumping Committees send final plans to the FIS Council.

They will then be ratified at the FIS Congress which is taking place in Cancun, Mexico, between June 5 and 11.

The full proposed schedule for the ski jumping season can be found here.