The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee promoted a healthy living message to children ©PNGOC

The Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee (PNGOC) teamed up with the sports of rugby league and cricket to promote a healthy message to school children in the country.

PNGOC ran the project through its Olympic Values Education Programme and Athletes Commission, and were assisted by National Rugby League (NRL) and Cricket PNG.

The joint session reinforced the usefulness of sport in human development to the youngsters, who attend Tokarara Primary School in capital Port Moresby, and encouraged them to stay healthy.

They all received tips for good lifestyle with rugby league and cricket games - both popular sports in Papua New Guinea - forming part of the day as well.

PNGOC Programme Coordinator, Shareena Tanabi, said: "It is important for children to learn about living healthy lives and sports is a great way of getting this message to them.

“These kids are the future of our country and to have a strong nation, we need healthy people and healthy leaders running it.”

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Rugby League is a popular sport in Papua New Guinea ©Getty Images

Mark Mom from the NRL also said that the day was a success.

"Healthy minds, respectful behaviour, being respectful to others, these are really important things for Papua New Guinean people so we want them all growing up to be really strong, healthy and respectful Papua New Guineans,” he said.

“We are happy to be doing this with Cricket PNG and the PNG Olympic Committee, we are really happy that we can get together and provide a positive experience for the grade three and four students of Tokarara Primary School.

“They are working really hard in school and we are grateful to the school to allow their students to celebrate the day with us."