August 25 - Munich 2018 today welcomed six new corporate "Friends of the Bid", adding to the growing level of support that the German business community is giving to Munich’s bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. 

The six new "Friends of the Bid" are: Arena One GmbH (LLC), Munich Marriott Hotel, medienfabrik Guetersloh GmbH (LLC), Otto Beisheim, Picture Management AG and Riebel Group.

They will help promote the Munich 2018 brand and bid activities in their business environment, as part of the programme that was set up by Munich 2018 earlier this year in a joint effort with the Chamber of Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria.
Willy Bogner, the chief executive of Munich 2018, said:  "We are delighted that the level of backing for the bid is continually increasing and that we are gaining support from small and medium-sized businesses, regionally and nationwide.

"The commitment from our six new ‘Friends of the Bid’ to Munich 2018 shows that Bavarian businesses are seizing the chance to associate with a national bid at a local level. Every level of the German business community is united in support for the Winter Games in 2018."

Markus Lewe, the manager of the Munich Marriott Hotel, spoke for the group, when he said: "With the bid’s sustainable and environmentally friendly ‘two-park concept’, we are convinced that Munich 2018 will set new ecological standards and contribute to the green legacy of the Olympic movement; we hope the Marriot Group’s global environmental efforts can assist the bid.

"We look forward to a very active partnership with Munich 2018 and are proud to become ‘Friends of the Bid’.

"Our location next to the Olympic Park is ideal for contributing to the bid’s activities and strengthening Munich 2018’s host city credentials."

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