WTF President Chungwon Choue welcomed the visiting taekwondo masters ©WTF

A group of South Korean taekwondo masters have made voluntary donations to the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) to support the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

Woo-sup Kim, Eunsoo Yoo and Sung-min Yu volunteered after visiting the World Taekwondo Federation’s (WTF) headquarters in Seoul last month.

They were the first group of Korean taekwondo masters to visit the headquarters to make a donation, with their money going towards the refugee camp.

The trio are based in the United States, along with fellow masters Jae-cheon Shim and Jaeyhun Kim, who pledged to make donations when they returned home.

The WTF have already outlined plans to build their own taekwondo academy at the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

It is hoped construction will begin in October, with the aim that the new facility will help to build on the governing body’s existing work at the camp.

The WTF have been teaching taekwondo to around 60 children aged from 11 to 14, having dispatched a Korean and Jordanian coach to the camp.

The Korean masters donated to the THF after their visit to WTF headquarters ©WTF
The Korean masters donated to the THF after their visit to WTF headquarters ©WTF

First conceived by WTF President Chungwon Choue, the THF seeks to teach taekwondo and related educational programmes to refugees and displaced persons worldwide.

Pilot projects are already underway in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey, and among earthquake victims in Nepal.

The THF website was launched to allow athletes, coaches, teams and taekwondo fans from around the world to raise awareness of the work being done.

The website also includes PayPal, which enables visitors to make instant donations to the Foundation.