The UIPM have agreed a two-year partnership with Pro-Active Broadcast ©UIPM

Pro-Active Broadcast will manage and distribute the broadcast and webstream output from International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) events during the 2017 and 2018 seasons, the governing body have announced.

A two-year agreement was sealed by the UIPM, with the deal seeing Pro-Active Broadcast take up the responsibility for the creation and distribution of highlights programmes from each of the World Cup events and the Senior World Championships.

The United Kingdom-based company will develop and co-ordinate a live world feed from the World Cup Final and the World Championships.

They will work closely with the host broadcaster hired by the Local Organising Committee of each competition to optimise coverage.

"UIPM presented modern pentathlon at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in a fresh and innovative way that attracted mass media attention on a different scale to previous Games,” said Shiny Fang, UIPM secretary general.

“That said, we still see room for improvement in the presentation of our sports, especially in the way we tell the story of a modern pentathlon competition to a TV audience.”

“The complexity of modern pentathlon creates a challenge of presentation and UIPM is delighted to welcome Pro-Active Broadcast on board with a view to boosting our online and traditional TV audiences.”

"We have been in connection with Pro-Active for a couple of years and collaborated with them on some small projects and videos, and in those initiatives we have seen their passion for our sport and their own professionalism shine through.

“We are excited to see how their innovative way of thinking will enlighten our own thoughts about the broadcasting strategy for modern pentathlon and how we improve the service we provide to both existing and new fans of the sport worldwide."

The agreement focuses on the UIPM's World Cup and World Championships ©UIPM
The agreement focuses on the UIPM's World Cup and World Championships ©UIPM

The UIPM have stated that Eurosport have already committed to taking all available output from Pro-Active.

Eurosport are the new home of the Olympic Games in Europe with their agreement with the IOC having commenced at the start of 2017.

They will also look to increase the impact of the web streaming and social media output from each event.

"This is an exciting project where we aim to raise and change the profile and interest levels in the core Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon over the next two years,” said Tommasina Kay, senior project director at Pro-Active Broadcast.

“UIPM has taken great steps in the last few years and there is great potential to develop the sport as a broadcasting spectacle.

“Our tightly co-ordinated, multi-skilled and very experienced team will be an ideal partner for UIPM in the next stage of its development."

The collaboration will begin at the first round of the 2017 UIPM World Cup in Los Angeles, which will take place from February 23 to 27.