Sweden's Para-athletes have been boosted by the Toyota deal ©Getty Images

The Swedish Paralympic Committee has announced a partnership with Toyota to promote Para-sport until 2025. 

The sponsorship deal kicked off with the World Para Ice Hockey Winter Games Qualification Tournament, which Sweden hosted in Östersund last week. 

They were one of three nations to book a spot at Pyeongchang 2018.

The initiative is designed to improve Sweden's ability to compete in international Para-sport events, including the Paralympic Games.

Currently, Swedish Para-athletes have to split their time between jobs and training, while other countries are able to offer their competitors more financial support. 

It is hoped that Toyota's backing will help Sweden win more medals on the home stage.

The car giant is already a worldwide partner of the International Paralympic Committee and a member of the International Olympic Committee's The Olympic Partner sponsorship programme.

It is hoped the deal will boost the medal chances of Swedish Para-athletes ©Getty Images
It is hoped the deal will boost the medal chances of Swedish Para-athletes ©Getty Images

The company's support will include a "Podium Programme" for eight athletes at elite level, where Toyota will offer scholarships that allow athletes to reduce their working hours and train more.

Toyota will also contribute cars to team coaches.

"Sweden has many promising young people who, unfortunately, rarely move on and become sporty, because there is no time for wholehearted training," said Christian Norberg, chief executive of Toyota Sweden.

"At the same time, Para-sport means a big social gain, when new practitioners go from a passive to a more active lifestyle. 

"We think we are worth investing in."