Australian Olympians will participate at the fun run on Saturday ©AOC

A team of 10 Australian Olympians are set to join more than 150 indigenous runners in taking part in a fun run around the base of Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock.

Known as the Deadly Fun Run, the event is one of a series organised by the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF).

The events feature participants of all ages selected from 20 communities.

Two-time Olympic hurdler Kyle Vander-Kuyp will return to Uluru, having been one of five Australian Olympians to take part in the 2015 event.

He will be joined by fellow indigenous Olympians Baeden Choppy from hockey, sprinter Joshua Ross, boxing's Bradley Hore and water polo's Nathan Thomas.

Rio 2016 Olympic boxer Shelley Watts will also participate, along with Pyeongchang 2018 bobsleigh team members Lucas Mata, David Mari, Lachlan Reidy and Hayden Smith.

"I am very inspired by what the IMF has achieved and meeting participants and hearing their stories of the journey they have been on was so positive and uplifting," said Vander Kuyp.

"The IMP programme gives everyone hope that with goals and a dream anything can be achieved.

"Of course, Uluru is a special place for indigenous people, so it really is the ideal location.

"Not all of us come from that land but we do acknowledge that it has this spirituality that we all feel."

Australia's four-man bobsleigh team from Pyeongchang 2018 will be among those participating ©Getty Images
Australia's four-man bobsleigh team from Pyeongchang 2018 will be among those participating ©Getty Images

The runners in the event have been selected for their attitude, improvement, consistency and participation.

Olympians and runners will be welcomed to Uluru by the Mutitjulu Community, the indigenous Australian community located inside the boundary of the national part.

Each group of participants will present their hosts with a message stick or significant symbol from their own communities.

The symbol will be viewed as a demonstration of support and appreciation.

Robert de Castella, IMF founder and an Olympian, claims the presence of the Olympians will also make an impact on participants.

"Olympians are some of our country’s most talented, dedicated and courageous young men and women, and they are exactly who we need to inspire our Indigenous community leaders," he said.

“Having the AOC teams from both summer and winter Games will provide an incredible storytelling and inspiring opportunity for our runners.

“They will all return home with amazing stories and images to share and inspire their families and communities.”

The fun run is set to take place on Saturday (June 16), with the event consisting of three kilometres for juniors and 5km for seniors.

A relay race will take place in the afternoon, featuring teams of four.

 The race will start from Mutitjulu and will take place around Uluru.