The event in Las Vegas is also known as the Acro Cup ©USA Gymnastics

Senior action began today at the International Gymnastics Federation Acrobatic World Cup in Las Vegas, the first such event to take place on United States soil since 2009.

According to USA Gymnastics, more than 1,000 gymnasts from 18 countries are competing but in one of the senior events today, only one team took part.

The elite women’s pair saw a performance from just American duo Morgan Sweeney and Victoria Blante, who scored 24.580 points at Rio Hotel, Casino and Convention Center.

A similar situation arose in the elite mixed pair competition, in which only two teams competed.

Finishing first were the team of Mavro and Foxman, who scored 26.150 to beat their only rivals Lamont and Zenkins.

They scored 23.210 points. 

Some nine teams took part in the women’s group discipline.

Finishing top were Faulkner, Di Lorenzo and Schwindt with 26.980.

Chang Gladkova and Martin came second with 26.970 and Di Flippo, Murdoch and Ivanka finished third, scoring 26.790.

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