November 4 - Vancouver 2010 organisers will today officially take over the C$1.2 billion (£683 million) Athletes Village as part of a series of events to mark the 100 day countdown to the start of the Games.


Just as in London, the Village has been a major headache for officials and has required public handouts to keep it on track.


The site, a former industrial area which until recently was mostly a car park, is located on the shoreline and will be home during the Games to 2,400 athletes, coaches, and officials with 450 beds made especially with wheelchair access.


A report published by KPMG last week revealed that the project is about C$132 million (£75 million) over budget and there doubts about how much Vancouver might lose when the project is sold on the real estate market after the Olympics and Paralympics.


But at least it will be ready in time.


John Furlong, the chief executive of Vancouver 2010, said: "Some of the buildings, the athletes could move in tonight.


"I believe we are in good shape and we are exactly where we hoped we would be today."


More than a C$100 million (£57 million) worth of infrastructure work still needs to be carried out around some of the venues to be used for the sports before everything is officially ready and Furlong promised that organisers would continue working hard right up until February 12, the day of the opening ceremony.


He said: "The thing that we have to avoid is to become complacent because we have had success.


"We are nowhere nearly finished.


"We have 90-to-100 days of seriously difficult work in front of us that will require the best effort that you can imagine."


Some staff still need to be hired and a few volunteers put in place.


Furlong said: "The volunteers are everything; the volunteers are the Games.


"They are the glue, they are the atmosphere, they are the excitement, they are the passion, and they are the compassion.


"They will be the heroes of these Games.”


With the end in sight, Vancouver and Whistler have a chance to be recognised as hosting the best Games in history, Furlong claimed.


He said: "It is in our hands to get into that category of best-ever, to achieve a standard that really takes your breath away."


A number of events are planned today to celebrate the countdown.


At Whistler officials are hosting three events, including a community celebration to rally residents around the Games.

In the United States, a 100 day countdown event is being held at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, that will include the unveiling of a countdown clock and live music.