Mao Jingdian was one of a number of Chinese players who added team gold to individual gold today at the ITTF Para Asian Championships in Chinese Taipei ©ITTF

China’s Liu Jing, Zhou Ying and Zhang Bian added to their individual titles by winning gold in women’s team events today at the 2019 Asian Para Championships in Taichung, Chinese Taipei.

Qualification for next year's Paralympic Games in Tokyo is on offer in a competition taking place at John Paul II Stadium.

The class one-two winner, Liu Jing joined forces with Li Qian and Xue Juan to secure the class one-three team title.

In a group organised event, the trio finished ahead of South's Korea Lee Mig-yu, Seo Su-yeon and Kim Eun-hee.

Zhou Ying, the class four winner and Zhang Bian, the class five champion, allied with Pan Jiamin in women’s team class five to secure gold.

Once again, South Korea, in the shape of Jung Young-a, Kang Oe-jeong and Shin Mik-young, had to settle for the silver medal.

But South Korea struck gold as Kim Gi-tae, Son Byeong-jin and Choi Hae-hyeon combined to emerge as the men’s team class 11 champions.

Second place went to Japan’s Koya Kato, Takeshi Takemori and Takashi Asano.

Other top seeds look in a strong position in team events due to conclude on the last day of competition tomorrow.

In the women’s events, China’s Zhang Miao, Gu Xiaodan and Yang Zhonghui remained unbeaten in class four, as did their colleagues. Mao Jingdian, Wang Rui and Huang Wenjuan in class eight,  Xiong Guiyan, Liu Meng and Li Guiying in class nine, and, in class 10, Fan Lei, Zhao Xiaojing and Hou Chunxiao.

Similarly, South Korea’s Kim Seong-ok, Lee Kun-woo and Jang Eun-bong ended the day unbeaten in class six-seven, as did Japan’s Kanami Furukawa, Sayuri Mio and Maki Ito in class 11.

Zhou Ying added team gold to individual gold today at the ITTF Asian Para Championships ©ITTF
Zhou Ying added team gold to individual gold today at the ITTF Asian Para Championships ©ITTF

It was broadly the same situation in the men’s team events, where China had another dominant day.

In class three, Feng Panfeng, Zhai Xiang and Zhao Ping ended the day unbeaten, as did Zhang Yan, Guo Xingyuan and Shi Yanping in class four.

In class five, Cao Ningning, Zhan Dashun and Liu Fu enjoyed successful ventures, as did Yan Shuo, Liao Keli and Huang Jiaxin in class 11, and Zhao Shuai, Ye Chao Qun and Peng Weinan in class eight.

In class nine, meanwhile, Zhao Yi Qing and Han Yajie were similarly dominant.

Imposing performances from China, it was the same in the men’s team event for the top seeded outfits from South Korea and Indonesia.

Elsewhere, in the men’s team event, there were similar displays of pre-eminence as South Korea's Cha Soo-yong, Park Jin-cheol and Joo Young-dae concluded the day without defeat in class one to two, as, in class 10, did Indonesia’s David Jacobs and Komet Akbar.