Italy's Matteo Lodo and Giuseppe Vicino won the quarter-final in controversial circumstances ©World Rowing

Italy's Matteo Lodo and Giuseppe Vicino took first place in a re-run men's pair quarter-final, after the umpire launch collided with the Polish team at the World Rowing Championships in Austria.

Poland's Bartosz Modrzyński and Lucasz Posylajka suffered a broken oar in the collision, forcing World Rowing to schedule a re-row of the race in Linz-Ottensheim.

World Rowing's Executive Committee rejected an "alternative proposal" from Italy, Canada and Romania to find another solution instead of a re-run.

The quarter-final, pushed back three hours by organisers, was won by the Italian team in 6min 37.920sec.

Romania's Marius Vasile Cozmiuc and Ciprian Tudosa were narrowly adrift in second after fnishing in 6:38.250.

Reigning world champions Martin and Valent Sinković of Croatia won the opening quarter-final in 6:30.270, after holding off a strong challenge from French brothers Valentin and Theophile Onfroy.

New Zealand's Thomas Murray and Michael Brake clocked 6:29.700 to post the quickest time across the four quarter-finals.

A total of 12 boats qualified for the next round of the men's pair on Friday (August 30).

In the women's pair, Canada's Caileigh Filmer and Hillary Janssens continued their pursuit of a successful world title defence by easing into the semi-finals.

Filmer and Janssens won the opening quarter-final in 7:10.960, the slowest winning time from the four races.

Australia's Jessica Morrison and Annabelle McIntyre impressed in the second quarter-final, leading from start to finish before crossing in 7:08.740.

Grace Prendergast and Kerri Gowler of New Zealand, who have recorded the fastest time this year, won the fourth race in 7:07.360.

Germany's Jonathan Rommelmann and Jason Osborne continued their unbeaten streak in 2019 by winning the second men's lightweight double sculls quarter-final in 6:19.540.