A poem has been released for the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou ©Hangzhou 2022

Hangzhou 2022 have published a New Year poem by local poet Huang Yazhou, which aims to introduce the city to athletes from the continent.

Organisers say the poem, entitled A Letter from Hangzhou to Asia, promises athletes a warm welcome to the Chinese city.

The poem is claimed to enthuse over the "New Era of China" and "the greatest Asian Games ever to be hosted by Hangzhou".

Huang, who is a poet, essayist and screenplay writer, introduces his city during the poem.

"Do you hear the call of Hangzhou, my friends from every corner of Asia?" the poem begins.

"In the name of the 2022 Asian Games, Hangzhou is calling.

"My friends, have you ever heard of Hangzhou?

"Hangzhou is where the Grand Canal ends its lengthy journey;

"Hangzhou is where the Qiantang River surges on to the sea;

"Hangzhou is where the most touching Chinese love story is born."

As well as highlighting the Grand Canal and Qiantang River, the poem also includes a mention of the West Lake.

The lake is considered the city's most famous tourist destination.

The poem was aimed at introducing Hangzhou to athletes ahead of the Asian Games in 2022 ©OCA
The poem was aimed at introducing Hangzhou to athletes ahead of the Asian Games in 2022 ©OCA

The poem also claims the city is modern and smart, which has technological innovations and a hub of e-commerce.

"We are looking forward to meeting you, my friends," the poem continues.

"The city is constructing competition venues and the Asian Games Villages, which are rising up one after another like blossoms.

"We are looking forward to the year 2022, my friends.

"We hope that the starting gun foretelling victory can be fired in Hangzhou.

"We hope that the West Lake may turn into a crystal bright eye for Asia.

"We hope that on the continent of Asia, the rumbling sounds of the Qiantang Tide reach far and beyond."

The 2022 Asian Games in the Chinese city are scheduled to run from September 10 to 25.

It will be the third time that China has hosted the OCA's showpiece event, following Beijing in 1990 and Guangzhou in 2010.