The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan hosted the esports event ©UEFA

An esports tournament has been held at a refugee camp for the first time.

The Refugees Esports Cup was run by the UEFA Foundation for Children - the charitable arm of European football's governing body - and educational organisation Libraries Without Borders.

Two-hundred teenagers took part at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, which is home to people who have fled the conflict in neighbouring Syria.

They played football video game FIFA 20 with the tournament lasting a week.

Facebook and PlayStation were among the supporters of the project, which involved the children training since December.

"It was meaningful to us to hold this very first esports tournament in Jordan," the UEFA Foundation said. 

The youngsters played football game FIFA 20 ©UEFA
The youngsters played football game FIFA 20 ©UEFA

"Video games are a cultural product that refugees should have access to, just like any other.

"For the time of a match, they will then be able to escape from their daily lives and their hard living conditions.

"With video games, failure in all its forms does not exist.

"It even constitutes the core of learning. 

"Defeat encourages them to carry on and move forward." 

The cost of the project was €100,000 (£84,700/$110,000).