The National Olympic Committee of Lithuania hosted an Olympic values training course ©LTOK

The National Olympic Committee of Lithuania (LTOK) has hosted an international training course in sporting and Olympic values.

Participants from the host nation, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, North Macedonia, Czech Republic and Israel all took part in the week-long event.

It was held as part of the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP), which aims to inspire young people to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

Developing values of friendship, advancement and respect is another goal of the OVEP.

The LTOC was one of the first NOCs in the world to translate the programme into its own language and, with the approval of the IOC, began offering training to Lithuanian educators.

Team-building exercises took place as part of the course, including a task where groups had to move a tennis ball as far as possible without any additional means.

Presentations were made on projects in the participating countries while a session was also held on the challenges young people face.

At the end of the course, participants visited students at Druskininkai "Rytas" secondary school to conduct activities based on Olympic education.

Those taking part wore jumpers with the message "Olympism is the way of life".

The course was run by Donatas Petkauskas and Nerijus Miginis and partly funded through the European Union's Erasmus + programme.