A dance has been created to encourage young people to become active as part of Olympic and Paralympic Week organised by Paris 2024 ©Paris 2024

Paris 2024 have encouraged young people to become involved in their Olympic and Paralympic Week as part of a drive boost their level activity.

The Olympic and Paralympic Week being organised in schools across France for the fourth time.

The initiative began during Paris 2024’s successful bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with one week set aside to focus on promoting participation in sport and sporting values in all schools and higher education centres.

Around 2,500 educational institutions will participate in the week, which will reportedly reach 400,000 students.

Paris 2024 revealed 200 athletes will travel to events to meet students, with around 1,400 educational and sports projects arranged nationally.

Organisers hope the Olympic and Paralympic Week highlights the major public health issue that 87 per cent of French adolescents do less than one hour of physical activity per day.

Within the past 40 years, young people have been found to have lost 25 per cent of their cardiovascular capacity, with 20 per cent being overweight.

French National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and Minister for Sport Roxana Maracineanu announced the launch of a trial initiative for "active classes", as part of efforts to create change.

The active classes are aimed at introducing 30 minutes of physical activity each day at school, with teachers able to hold the classes with educational tools developed by teaching professionals and sports and health experts.

The sessions can be split into several sections which can used included in class times as active breaks or offered throughout the school day, as well as during extracurricular activities.

This trial initiative will be combined with arrangements to assess and measure its impacts on children’s health, fulfilment and general school environment.

Paris 2024 have also aimed to encourage young people by launching a dance, which has been promoted on social media with the hashtag #AllezAllez.

Paris 2024 worked with dancer and choreographer Fauve Hautot to create the routine, which is aimed at paying tribute to the celebrations of Olympic and Paralympic athletes from around the world.

The video was shot at France’s National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance, with the 110 metres hurdles world champion Ladji Doucouré, Para-swimming world champion Sami El Gueddari and Olympic boxing gold medallist Estelle Mossely participating.

Paris 2024 have encouraged young people to learn the steps or create their own moves as part of the initiative.