Dato_Zainal_Abu_ZarinWell what can I say?

The Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games have been a truly superb and memorable Games. It's a real pity that they had to come to an end last night in a spectacular Closing Ceremony.

When we arrived in Guangzhou, we were promised a Games of equal splendor and I'm delighted to say the city delivered much, much more.

At the weekend, the Asian Paralympic Committee held its General Assembly in Guangzhou and I'm pleased to report that all our members were in full agreement with the APC Board that these Asian Para Games have been the best ever staged for athletes.

The Guangzhou 2010 Asian Para Games Organising Committee (GAPGOC) did a terrific job.

Not only did they provide some stunning venues to perform in but they also recruited so many volunteers that made our stay in the city a very pleasant one.

The spectators were also warm and receptive with many taking the opportunity to see world class Paralympians on their doorstep.

There were a number of unsung heroes here in China.

The technical officials and classifiers did a great job but one of my favorite stories is of the manager of the Athletes Village.

During our stay in China, Guangzhou experienced some of its coldest weather for years.  So with the welfare of the athletes her number one priority, she went out and purchased new, warmer clothes - out of her own money - for a number of athletes.

As with all Games though, the people who really made it were the athletes.


China stole the show by dominating the medal table and it has to be said they will be a considerable force when they arrive at London 2012.

Japan and Korea fought a good battle for second and third place respectively but overall the standard of performances by every single one of the athletes was exceptional and will inspire generations to come. I never cease to be amazed at the performances of Paralympic athletes.

Although the Games ended last night, a lot of hard week now begins.

The Asian Paralympic Committee is determined that the Asian Para Games runs back-to-back with the Asian Games not just here in Guangzhou, but in cities across Asia for years to come.

It's not just the athletes and officials who benefit from this arrangement but the host city and country too.

When you spend years of planning and invest heavily like Guangzhou has done to stage these Games, you want to have two Games for the price of one.

Why stage just one Games when you can have a month long festival of sport which manages to unify so many different people from different backgrounds as one?

By staging two Games in just under a month, Guangzhou has ensured that the eyes of millions of people around Asia and the world have remained firmly upon the city. I am confident they will have been as equally as impressed as I have been.

Guangzhou staged a great Games and I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

The hard work now starts for Incheon in South Korea in 2014.

Dato' Zainal Abu Zarin is the President Asian Paralympic Committee