The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games logo has been revealed ©Hangzhou 2022

Hangzhou 2022 has announced “Hearts Meet, Dreams Shine” as the slogan for the Asian Para Games, while unveiling the emblem for the event.

Organisers said the logo shows a wheelchair athlete striving forward on a running track.

The athlete dashing forward in the wheelchair shows dynamism, energy and passion, according to organisers.

It is claimed this shows the heroism of para-athletes, highlighting their ability to persevere and challenge themselves.

The track is formed by 10 semi-arc lines with a gradient ramp, which stretches into the distance.

Hangzhou 2022 say the track, which uses the colours purple, red and yellow, reflects the surging tides of the Qiantang River that runs through the Chinese city.

The name and style of the Asian Para Games features below the logo.

"The emblem conforms to the concept of 'sunshine, harmony, self-improvement and sharing', which reflect the values of the Games," said Chen Weiqiang, Asian Para Games deputy secretary general and Hangzhou vice-mayor.

Hearts Meet, Dreams Shine has been announced as the Games slogan ©Hangzhou 2022
Hearts Meet, Dreams Shine has been announced as the Games slogan ©Hangzhou 2022

The Games slogan “Hearts Meet, Dreams Shine,” is claimed to mirror the message and slogan of the Asian Games.

The Asian Games slogan is “Heart to Heart, @Future”.

“With over two years to go to the Games, we’re delighted that the emblem and slogan are being launched now and congratulate the Organising Committee on their efforts,” said Majid Rashed, Asian Paralympic Committee President.

“The chosen design for the emblem together with the slogan captures the dynamic, positive spirit of the Asian Para Games perfectly and we are very pleased to unveil these today.”

The Asian Para Games are scheduled to take place from October 9 to 15 2022.

The Games will feature 22 sports, with an estimated 3,000 athletes expected to participate.