Paola Mosquera has been working as a doctor during the crisis ©Colombian Paralympic Committee

Para swimmer Paola Mosquera has spoken of her work as a doctor during the coronavirus pandemic in Colombia.

Mosquera has been working in Bogota attending to coronavirus patients.

It represented a switch from Para swimming, Mosquera's sport for the past 18 years.

She competed at last years Para National Games in Colombia, where she won one gold and two silver medals.

The swimmer is one of several Para athletes to be working within the health sector during the crisis, with sporting ambitions on hold.

Mosquera admitted there had been difficult days and called for people to remain patient to help ensure the crisis can ultimately be resolved.

"These have been difficult days and we have been supporting the people around and receiving a lot of training to optimise care," she said.

"My family supports me; my mother is naturally worried about me and tells me to take good care of myself, not to expose myself.

"She always reminds me that at home there are people waiting for me, my cats and my dog.

"Not everyone is having a good time and if we can help, let's do it.

"We must be patient, and this will certainly go away."

Mosquera also encouraged people to try to remain active in their homes, with most countries currently enforcing periods of lockdown.

The lockdowns aim to slowing the spread of coronavirus, which will allow the health sector to manage the outbreak.

Colombia has reported more than 4,800 coronavirus cases since the outbreak began, with at least 225 deaths recorded.

The number of new cases in the country hit a high yesterday, with 320 announced.

More than 2.8 million coronavirus cases have been reported worldwide since the outbreak began, resulting in more than 197,000 deaths.