Personal chalk bowls are among the suggestions to allow a return to training ©Getty Images

The Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) has recommended changes to the Sports Authority of India to allow athletes to return to training.

Modifications to the IWLF training centre in Patiala have been proposed, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

IWLF secretary general Sahdev Yadav told the New Indian Express that restricted use of training platforms, personal chalk bowls for each weightlifter and disinfection equipment has all been recommended to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

"We have 16 training platforms and one competition platform in Patiala, they have a 1.5 metres gap," Yadav said.

"Given the number of weightlifters at the centre, every alternate platform can be used for training which means we can ensure more than six feet of distance between two, in compliance with the norms.

"Every weightlifter has his or her barbell but separate platforms means they will also have separate chalk bowls.

"Other recommendations include disinfecting equipment and wearing protective gear."

The Indian Weightlifting Federation hope the proposals will enable athletes to resume training ©Getty Images
The Indian Weightlifting Federation hope the proposals will enable athletes to resume training ©Getty Images

Nine weightlifters have been based at the training centre in Patiala since March 25, when a lockdown was introduced in India.

The IWLF is hopeful the Sports Authority of India will enable the athletes to return to training having outlined their proposals to reduce the coronavirus risk.

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) launched a questionnaire earlier this month, which was aimed at devising a strategy for the potential resumption of sport in the country.

The IOA said the study will aim to find out the way forward and determine how athletes can resume sporting activities, including training and competitions.

The organisation said the resumption of sport would have to be guided by central and state Governments, within their public health policies.

National Federations were requested to respond by May 20 to allow a first draft of a white paper to be prepared.

Weightlifting was reportedly one of only seven of the 18 National Federations representing Olympic sports to respond by the deadline.