Norman Brown, who has now died, is one of nine athletes Paralympics New Zealand is attempting to trace relatives of ©PNZ

Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) has found 13 more of its missing Paralympians, with nine left to go as it seek to honour all of the nation's previous Paralympic athletes.

The Celebration Project aims to recognise the achievements of the country's 209 Paralympians since Tel Aviv 1968.

Once located, either the athlete or their family will be presented with an official numbered pin. 

Five of those yet to be tracked down were part of the Tel Aviv 1968 team - New Zealand's first Paralympic team.

Norman Brown, Rex Fattorini, Doug McDonald, Bill Flood and Bill Plessius are the athletes who travelled to Israel yet to be located.

Another, Chris Nicholls, competed at Heidelberg 1972 and is known to have passed away.

Dave Tarrant, Denis Butler and Tui Te Rupe - who still holds the New Zealand record for the 5,000 metres in the T11 class - all represented the country in the 1980s but neither they nor their families have yet been traced. 

New Zealand have won 221 medals across 23 Paralympic Games ©Getty Images
New Zealand have won 221 medals across 23 Paralympic Games ©Getty Images

"We have been so privileged to have already acknowledged and celebrated 77 of our Paralympians and connected with 200 Paralympians and-or their families," PNZ chief executive Fiona Allan said.

"We thank all individuals and organisations that have helped us to find these Paralympians and now call upon members of the public to help us find the remaining nine Paralympians and-or their families. 

"This will ensure that they can be acknowledged and celebrated and for their stories to be shared once again with all New Zealanders."

The New Zealand have won 221 medals across 23 Paralympic Games and each of the country's Paralympians has a unique number.

These are given at the start of each Games based on alphabetical order, meaning Brown is number one.