Graham_Edmunds_head_and_shouldersSo this is it, just under a year to go now. A year sounds like a long time but in the world of sport; it's not long at all.

My life has been meticulously planned out since returning from Beijing 2008 Paralympics.

Every competition, every month, every week set out in a plan and I've been ticking them off as each one has been completed. Now it's the final run into the Paralympic Swimming Trials at the London Aquatics Centre next March.

Life both in and out of the water seems to have increased in fervour. The tickets for the Paralympic Games went on sale not that long ago and I've been inundated from friends and relatives asking what events I am swimming in and when because they all want to see me compete.

With this increase in interest, I have been given a massive boost in my training. Yes, every day hurts and the day after does too but I want to be at the Paralympic Games in London 2012 so much because of the support from everyone I know. This feeling is multiplied every time I meet someone new. When they find out that I'm a current athlete preparing for such an event; they are excited just to they can say they too know someone in the Games. It brings every new person just that little closer to the Games on a personal side.

London is going to be massive for a number of reasons. The Paralympics are coming home for a start so London is a Landmark Games in that respect. Being a home Games, London affords my friends and family that have only been well wishers in the past the chance to join in and come and see what I can do.

With Channel 4 following a number of athletes in their Best of British Season, it is giving everyone the chance to see athletes and learn a little more about them and their respective lives so that they are not just cheering a nation; they are cheering someone they can relate just that little bit more.

Graham Edmunds has two Paralympic gold medals, which he won in the men's 4x100 metres freestyle relay at both the Athens 2004 and Beijing 2004 Paralympic Games. The 37-year-old is also involved with Channel 4 who are the host broadcaster for the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Channel 4's most recent Paralympic programme "That Paralympic Show" can be seen on Channel 4 Saturdays at 1.25pm