Igor Levitin will be the sole candidate for ETTU President ©ITTF

The Presidential election for the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) will now take place online on September 16, due to the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, the Elective Congress of the ETTU was due to be held on the same day in person in Warsaw, during the European Championships.

On August 11, the ETTU announced that the tournament in Poland's capital had been postponed due to the pandemic and press officer Milica Nikolic has confirmed the Congress will now be held online.

The election looks to be a formality as the ETTU announced in early August that Vladimir Putin's aide Igor Levitin was the sole candidate for the position of President after nobody else came forward.

Levitin also heads the Board of Trustees at the Russian Table Tennis Federation.

The election will likely see Levitin become head of the ETTU, succeeding Ronald Kramer of The Netherlands who is not standing again.

Levitin has pledged to implement new, innovative measures to ensure a positive evolution of the sport in Europe.

"I recognise that hosting a tournament of any level, particularly the European Championships in its current format, can be a financial, technical and/or organisational burden on the organiser," Levitin wrote in an open letter earlier this year.

"But, in my opinion, we can explore ways to make it not only viable to host this flagship event, but also profitable.

"Should we consider separating the qualifying and final stages of the European Championships to ease this burden and maximise commercial opportunities?

"With the current system, or with a new one?

"Should we embark on the multi-sport European Championships as it is apparently decided?

"These questions have to be carefully studied by all ETTU members before giving a corporate answer.

"Securing more media coverage and enabling our Member Associations to host and showcase our sport must be some of our key priorities."

In June, table tennis was added to the programme for the Munich 2022 multi-sport European Championships.

Levitin is also the first vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee and wrote in his letter in May that he would only run for the ETTU Presidency if his programme received support from member federations.

The ETTU has also confirmed Portugal's Pedro Moura as the sole candidate for the deputy-president position, while England's Sandra Deaton and Hungary's Roland Natran are standing to become the vice-president of finance.