The ISSF say the World Cup in New Delhi will feature as part of Tokyo 2020 qualifying ©Getty Images

The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) says next year's World Cup event in New Delhi will be "decisive" for Tokyo 2020 qualification through the world ranking process.

The governing body had been forced to postpone this year’s World Cup event in the Indian capital due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Initially scheduled for March 15 to 26, the pandemic also forced the cancellation of efforts to stage the World Cup as two separate competitions in May.

It was due to be included as part of shooting's qualification period for Tokyo 2020, with athletes able to secure world ranking points towards earning a spot at the Games.

Next year's event is now set to still be included as part of the qualification process, with the ISSF saying it hopes to maintain as much of the original qualification system as possible.

This comes after Tokyo 2020's postponement until next year because of COVID-19.

"The 2021 ISSF World Cup Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun in New Delhi will be decisive for Tokyo 2020 qualification regarding the world ranking," an ISSF statement read.

"This decision of the Executive Committee is compliant with the general approach to maintain the original qualification system approved in 2017 as much as possible.

This year's World Cup in New Delhi was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic ©Getty Images
This year's World Cup in New Delhi was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic ©Getty Images

"It will be possible to obtain the Olympic minimum qualification scores at all 2021 ISSF Championships scheduled to take place before the end of the qualification period (June 6th, 2021)."

The New Delhi World Cup is now due to take place between March 19 and 28 next year.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) confirmed the revised qualification processes for each sport in July for the rescheduled Olympic Games.

Several sports saw their original qualification process extended to fit with the new dates of the Games, including shooting.

Other International Federations agreed major or minor changes with the IOC to their qualification process, due to the impact of coronavirus on the sporting calendar.

The qualification period for the Games officially ends on June 29 in 2021.

The date is exactly a week before the final entry deadline of July 5, 18 days before the postponed Olympic Games are due to open on July 23 next year.