Someof the Voices of the Athletes champions who will deliver positive messages in the campaign ©Getty Images

A television campaign has been launched to support the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) Voices of the Athletes (VOA) scheme.

The VOA programme is aimed at empowering athlete leaders to inspire positive change in Fiji.

Anti-doping, environmental, equality and personal health messages are all set to feature in the new campaign. 

VOA champions - athletes who represent Fiji in a variety of sports - will deliver the messages.

Swimmer Matelita Buadromo - the first to represent Fiji at the Olympics when she competed at London 2012 - Rio 2016 Olympian Viniana Riwai, who plays rugby sevens, and track and field athlete Eugene Vollmer are among those involved.

Para-athlete Jone Bogidrau and Etika Naqio of the Fiji Deaf Association will also deliver messages, promoting equality and inclusion respectively.

Eugene Vollmer competed at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images
Eugene Vollmer competed at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games ©Getty Images

"It would be unfitting if we spoke of inclusion but did not lead from the front," said Jeegar Bhavsar, coordinator of the VOA programme.

"The campaign also focuses on the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, joy of effort, balance of the body, mind and will, fair play and respect.

"The messages advocated under the programme is aligned to the Olympic Agenda 2020 as well as realistic and relevant social issues we face in Fiji right now."

The idea of a television campaign was germinated by the coronavirus crisis, which had stopped VOA champions attending in-person events for a period.

The VOA scheme had ceased all of its outreach operations earlier this year to comply with Government restrictions, but they have now resumed.

These messages, airing on Fiji TV, will run for two months, having begun on September 23.