Umar Kremlev has launched a new website for his campaign to become AIBA President ©Umar Kremlev

Umar Kremlev has launched a new website as his campaign to become the President of the International Boxing Association begins to gather momentum.

The Russian officially announced last month he would stand during a press conference in Moscow streamed around the world.

"The website offers viewers insights into the life of Umar Kremlev, his passion for boxing and his extensive experience and track record," a press release claimed.

"It also details his goals for AIBA, from creating an efficient governance system based on transparency and efficiency to grassroots development.

"And testimonials of prominent leaders of the boxing community share their thoughts on Umar Kremlev and his vision."

Among those to have publicly backed the secretary general of the Russian Boxing Federation on are leading officials from Belarus, Colombia, Georgia, Paraguay, Poland, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Venezuela.

Kremlev is one of seven candidates standing to complete the four-year term of Uzbekistan’s Gafur Rakhimov, who stood down in March 2019 following allegations of heroin trafficking.

Morocco’s Mohamed Moustahsane, who has acted as Interim President since Rakhimov’s resignation, is also among those standing in the election scheduled to take place during an online AIBA Congress on December 12 and 13.

Azerbaijan’s Suleyman Mikayilov and the United Arab Emirates Anas Al Otaiba, the Asian Boxing Confederation President, are also considered serious candidates.

Among the features on Umar Kremlev's new website is his manifesto ©Umar Kremlev
Among the features on Umar Kremlev's new website is his manifesto ©Umar Kremlev

Mikayilov launched his manifesto and own website yesterday.

Other candidates are the Dominican Republic's Domingo Solano, Germany's Ramie Al-Masri and Boris van der Vorst, President of the Dutch Boxing Federation.

"A serious candidate for AIBA president should know how boxing works and know how it is managed and led on the international stage. No candidate has devoted the time or resources to this as I have in recent years," Kremlev writes on his website.

The new website followed Kremlev launching his YouTube channel "Umar Kremlin Live" last month, in which he talks about his work on the development of boxing not only in our country, but also around the world.

A key part of Kremlev’s manifesto is ensuring AIBA and its Member Federations have a bigger digital presence.

"In recent years the influence of modern technologies and advanced technological solutions on shaping public opinion about different sports has grown significantly,” he writes in his manifesto," he said.

"Hence AIBA aims to use these technologies to the best of their potential in order to enhance the image of boxing and promote values characteristic of the boxing community such as unity, mutual respect and help."

Kremlev’s campaign promises include helping National Federations and Confederations with creating, if needed, setting up and and promoting their own websites and social networks.