The Jamaica Triathlon Association has put forward a motion for intellectual disabilities triathlon to be recognised in the World Triathlon constitution ©Jamaica Triathlon Association

World Triathlon will vote on a motion by the Jamaica Triathlon Association (JTA) formally recognise athletes with intellectual disabilities in the organisation’s constitution.

The JTA says it has put forward the motion due to several countries having developed programmes for athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The inclusion of triathlon at the Special Olympics International World Summer Games in 2015 and 2019 was also highlighted.

World Triathlon has been called on to include the definition "intellectual disabilities triathlon" in its constitution by the JTA.

The resolution recommends World Triathlon establishes a standing commission for intellectual disabilities triathlon.

This commission would be comprised of seven members, according to the JTA, including one member from each continental association and two ad-hoc members.

Their objectives would include developing a framework for intellectual disabilities triathlon as part of governing body’s activities, including competitions and development.

Posted by Jamaica Triathlon Association on Friday, 27 November 2020

The commission would also encourage national bodies to incorporate intellectual disabilities triathlon and oversee inclusion of the discipline into the Multisport World Championships.

The JTA hopes the resolution will help expand the reach of triathlon and open an opportunity to form a relationship with Special Olympics International.

The motion will be voted on at World Triathlon's virtual Congress tomorrow.

The Congress will include the World Triathlon Presidential election.

Incumbent Marisol Casado is being challenged by Denmark's Mads Freund.