Aleksander Aamodt Kilde was one of Norway's star performers in 2020 ©Getty Images

The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) President Berit Kjøll has praised the nation's model, particularly in winter sports, after Norway were once again regarded as one of the best sporting countries in the world in 2020.

Sports statistics site Greatest Sporting Nation, published its 2020 list based on the limited 2020 calendar, which once again recognised Norway as the top nation in the world per capita, far ahead of Switzerland and Slovenia.

This is now the fourth year in a row that Norway have taken the top spot per capita.

More surprisingly, Norway was regarded as the second best nation in the world regardless of population in 2020, behind the United States.

Germany finished third in this ranking.

It marks the first time a country from Scandinavia has managed to get into the top 10 in both categories.

There are approximately 5.3 million people in Norway.

Norway's winter sports helped the nation rise to second in the performance rankings, with the 2020 sporting calendar being heavily disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With most sport being suspended from March due to the outbreak, winter sports largely determined the outcome of the 2020 rankings.

At 20, Jakob Ingebrigtsen is already a three-time European champion ©Getty Images
At 20, Jakob Ingebrigtsen is already a three-time European champion ©Getty Images

"This should not take the joy away from us," said Kjøll.

"Norway is an incredibly good sports nation, we have shown this in both summer and winter sports for several years now.

"Norway has taken new big steps and claims to be at the world level in more sports than ever before.

"This is also a confirmation that the Norwegian sports model works very well through that we ensure broad recruitment among children and young people where volunteering plays an invaluable role, and ensure the best possible performance development for those who want to be the best."

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and Henrik Kristoffersen were some of the main contributors to the nation's ranking, thanks to their performances in the International Ski Federation Alpine Ski World Cup.

Norway has also grown as a powerhouse in athletics, mostly thanks to the 400 metres hurdles world champion Karsten Warholm and the long-distance running brothers Henrik, Filip and Jakob Ingebrigtsen.