ANOC's social media partner Redtorch is now devising "social media toolkits" for NOCs ©Redtorch

The Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) has engaged its digital agency partner, Redtorch, to develop a programme that will help National Olympic Committees (NOCs) improve their social media performance over the next 12 months.

Redtorch, based in London, began working with ANOC last October, since when it has completed a social media performance audit of all NOCs.

Based on the findings that were presented to the ANOC Marketing Commission, Redtorch, working with ANOC, will now design solutions that are tailored to the needs and social media capabilities of NOCs.

ANOC's digital agency partners Redtorch will provide
ANOC's digital agency partners Redtorch will provide "social media toolkits" for NOCs over the next 12 months ©Getty Images

The output of this project will be the delivery of a social media toolkit which contains advice, guidance and a checklist of items for each NOC to implement, with a view to improving social media performance and amplifying impact.

Social media workshops will also be held to run through the toolkits and provide further explanation for NOCs as required.

Redtorch also partners the International Skating Union and the International Canoe Federation.