FASU hosted its General Assembly and Strategic Dialogue both in-person and online ©FISU

The Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU) held its General Assembly and Strategic Dialogue in a hybrid format for the first time, with delegates attending in person in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, as well as online.

This event was held in cooperation with the International University Sports Federation (FISU), which discussed how university sport was changing around the world, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presentations started with FASU first vice-president and chairperson of the Committee for Education and Development of University Sports, Daouda Sidibe, followed by FISU Acting President Leonz Eder.

"FASU is a role model for the entire university sport movement, as they have hosted so many university events in early times and has the first females sitting as President and secretary-general for the Federation," said Eder.

"I would like to thank National University Sports Federations for their contributions, who shape activities of FISU.

"Overall, the aim of the Strategic Dialogue was to connect, motivate and enable stakeholders gain insight about university sport in Africa and around the globe.

"With approximately 120 participants in total, the two-day event was another good example of the successful cooperation between all university sports administrators and stakeholders in Africa, along with any other guests who were interested in attending."

Lilia Barieva spoke positively of the work FISU had carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic ©FISU
Lilia Barieva spoke positively of the work FISU had carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic ©FISU

FISU director of education and development Lilia Barieva spoke about how focus during the pandemic went from sporting events to educational activities including the new FISU Healthy Campus initiative, the FISU World Forum and the FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy.

Later, FASU administrator Hannington Musoke presented a variety of topics on the mission and structure of FASU.

Musoke mentioned FASU were moving forward about how sports events in Africa could develop cities and education further.

"We can't always focus on sport, but we also need to focus on education," said Musoke.

"We don't want to reach a time where we only talk about athletes.

"We also don't host for the sake of just hosting.

"We host for the sake of growing an event and developing an area - there is a lot of improvement that comes with hosting."

The next time FISU, FASU and the NUSFs will meet for the Strategic Dialogue will be in 2023.