The Qatar Olympic Committee has joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's Sports for Climate Action initiative ©QOC

The Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) has become a signatory of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) Sports for Climate Action initiative.

The QOC claims the move reinforces its commitment to reducing its environmental impact as it pledges to play an active role in creating a low-carbon future in sport.

It also aims to inspire its athletes, fans and all stakeholders to address climate change.

By signing the framework, the QOC has pledged to "promote greater environmental responsibility" and "reduce the overall climate impact from sports".

It has also promised to "use our platform to educate for climate action", "promote sustainable and responsible consumption" and "advocate for climate action through our communications".

The pledges are among the five core principles enshrined in the Sports for Climate Action framework.

Qatar is also aiming to stage the first-ever carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup in 2022.

"We are proud to sign up to the UNFCCC’s Sports for Climate Action initiative and to take another step forward in our commitment to minimising our overall climate impact," said QOC President Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al-Thani.

"We are dedicated to ensuring that environmental sustainability is embedded within our organisation and reflected in everything that we do. 

"But we know there is a lot more we can do and this framework will help establish a clear structure against which we can measure our progress.

"In Qatar we are fortunate to have access to world-leading innovations and research in this area. 

"It is important that we leverage this at the QOC, but we must also use our platform to advocate for greater climate action and encourage others to promote greater environmental responsibility."