Work at the Media Village was postponed last month ©Solideo

The Paris Administrative Court of Appeal has permitted the resumption of work on the site for the Paris 2024 shooting events, but construction of the Media Village remains suspended.

A new appeal was filed by groups opposing the construction of the Media Village at Georges-Valbon Park in February.

The appeal asked for the court to cancel the environmental authorisation issued for the project in November 2020.

Campaigners insisted the impact study that led to the authorisation was "very insufficient", claiming the current provisions do not fulfil the environmental code required.

Part of the environmental authorisation was suspended by the Paris Administrative Court of Appeal last month.

The Olympic Works Delivery Company, known as Solideo, was asked to provide further details to allow the work to resume.

According to Le Parisien, the court has now permitted work on the Essences field in Dugny to resume.

The field will host shooting events at the Games, before becoming part of the Georges-Valbon departmental park.

Solideo reportedly failed to convince judges to lift the suspension on work for the Media Village.

A final judgement is expected to be made on May 14.

The Media Village will become housing after the Olympic Games ©Getty Images
The Media Village will become housing after the Olympic Games ©Getty Images

While opponents have criticised the potential impact on the "ecological corridor", Solideo has promised that the development will deliver a "garden city" for the 21st century.

Landscaping, the development of green spaces with a 13-hectare extension of Georges-Valbon Park and redevelopment of Le Bourget sports and school park are at the heart of the project, it is promised.

The development is split into two stages.

The first stage includes plans to build 700 housing units by the spring of 2024.

These units will then be turned into a temporary media centre for the Olympics, scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11 in 2024.

Around 2,800 journalists and technicians will be housed in the facility.

It is due to be one of two media centres for Paris 2024 - with the other set to accommodate 25,000 journalists, in the premises of Paris-Le Bourget Exhibition Centre.

The second phase would see the construction of around 600 housing units at Seine-Saint-Denis.