Barbara Kendall was part of the selection panel that chose the name Eke Tahi ©NZOC

The New Zealand Olympic Committee's (NZOC) Great Olympic Skate Roadshow, which involves a giant skateboard travelling across the country, has started its journey in Kaikohe.

Ahead of the start of its journey, the NZOC revealed the name of the skateboard - Eke Tahi, which means "Ride as One" in Māori.

The giant 12-metre-long, 800 kilogram skateboard left Kaikohe West School on its first of 41 days across New Zealand.

Nearly 1,000 people entered names for the skateboard, but Karyn Fisher of Maraetai in Auckland's name was the successful candidate.

This campaign looks to get young Kiwis involved in more urban sports that are set to feature at Tokyo 2020 - skateboarding, surfing and 3x3 basketball.

The three runners-up were Oly by Joel Crump, Ralph by Rebecca Merriman and Blake's Board by Natasha Dalley.

Ralph refers to New Zealand's skateboarding legend Lee Ralph - while Blake's Board refers to 13-year-old skateboarder Blake Dalley, who died in December.

A people's choice runner-up, selected by public votes, was Skatey McSkateFace - referring to the infamous internet sensation Boaty McBoatface, which was suggested as a name for a research ship of the Natural Environment Research Council.

Former Olympic gold medallist Barbara Kendall led a panel of Olympians in naming the winner, with Olympic shot putter Maddison-Lee Wesche, Olympic canoe slalom's Finn Butcher and President of Skateboarding New Zealand Chris Curran also being part of the selection process.

"The Great Olympic Skate is all about having fun while backing our athletes - and being typically innovative as we Kiwis tend to be," said Kendall.

"Eke Tahi is such a beautiful name with a wonderful message for our athletes.

"We can't wait to see Kiwis coming out to meet Eke Tahi, making this record-breaking skateboard a moment in our country's history before the games have even begun."

Fisher received a custom replica of Eke Tahi as the winner.

On June 19, Eke Tahi will complete its journey in Auckland, with a final stop at Sylvia Park in the city.

The skateboard is currently moving south towards Invercargill, recently stopping on the North Island in the Waikato region.