There is uncertainty over the Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships ©Getty Images

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is expected to decide plans for the 2022 Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships at a meeting next month, amid uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

India was approved as host of the Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) last February.

The event is set to run separately from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, with two different medal tables produced.

It is scheduled for January 2022 several months before the Games in England.

However, an aggregate medals table will be published one week after Birmingham 2022.

The decision to host the standalone event came after a proposal by IOA, which had previously threatened to boycott Birmingham 2022 because shooting had been left off the programme for the Games.

Doubts have been raised over whether the Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships can be held in Chandigarh as planned, with India among the hardest-hit countries by COVID-19.

IOA secretary general Rajiv Mehta told the Press Trust of India that holding both events in Chandigarh would be difficult.

Mehta said the IOA hopes to organise a meeting to determine plans for the events.

"The pandemic has not allowed us to have a physical meeting so far," Mehta told the Press Trust of India.

"Regarding the venue also, some in archery want it in Delhi instead of Chandigarh.

"Nothing has been decided and the pandemic has made it really difficult for us.

"The IOA members will need to discuss the feasibility of hosting these two events in January next year and nobody knows when this pandemic will get over," Mehta said.

"I don't know how many Indians will be vaccinated in seven months from now.

"How many countries will send their athletes to India if the pandemic continues 'till then?

"There is talk of possibility of a third wave and the precautions the people and the countries will have to take.

"Should we plan for two big two international competitions during that time?

"These are the things the IOA members will have to consider."

The IOA wants to hold a meeting to discuss plans for the Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships ©Getty Images
The IOA wants to hold a meeting to discuss plans for the Commonwealth Archery and Shooting Championships ©Getty Images

India had recorded 12 million COVID-19 cases in total by the end of March, but the past two months have seen 16 million confirmed cases in the nation.

India’s overall total of 28 million cases is the second-highest figure in the world since the pandemic began, with only the United States reporting more on 34 million.

In excess of 329,000 deaths have been recorded in India, with the US and Brazil the only countries to have reported larger death tolls with 609,000 and 462,000, respectively.

The surge in cases in India and concerns over an Indian variant of COVID-19 has led to several nations introducing travel restrictions in an effort to prevent similar rises in their countries.

The CGF said it was awaiting a decision from the IOA regarding the event.

The organisation stressed the safety of participants was the top priority.

"We are very mindful of the severe impact the pandemic is having in India, while the safety and security of the Commonwealth athletes due to compete at the event will be a top priority for the IOA and the CGF," a CGF spokesperson told insidethegames.

"This is an ongoing situation and ultimately, it will be a decision for the IOA and the relevant authorities in India to rule on whether the event can safely take place."

A decision was taken this week for the Indian Premier League (IPL), cricket’s most lucrative competition, to be moved to the United Arab Emirates.

Competition was halted earlier this month amid rising cases in India and positive tests among competing teams.

The UAE hosted last year’s tournament, which was also moved outside of India because of the pandemic.

The UAE is also on standby to host the International Cricket Council Men’s T20 World Cup, which is currently scheduled to begin in India in October.