Hendrix Hinestroza won the song contest for Cali 2021 ©Panam Sports

A track called Por Nosotros - which translates into English as "For Us" - has been named as the official song of the Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games.

Songwriter Hendrix Hinestroza won a contest to select a tune to represent this year's Games in Colombia.

His entry was one of five finalists, and a panel of judges including Panam Sports President Neven Ilic voted for the winner.

"I am speechless, I did not expect this, it's better than my birthday," said Hinestroza, who was awarded COP15 million (£2,800/$3,900/€3,300).

"This is a dream I wanted to fulfil, to be chosen as the voice of the Games. 

"The truth is it's a great honour for me."

The judges gathered at the Jose Fernando Arroyo auditorium in the National Sports School for the final, with Ilic joining virtually.

They included Cali 2021 executive director Jose Luis Echeverry, local officials and musicians.

One of the most important things they were looking for was a "catchy, short and memorable" chorus, with the songs also needing to reflect the "young spirit" of the Games.

The five finalists were whittled down from 25 entries which came in from across Colombia.

Hinestroza's song will now be professionally recorded before an official music video is made.

Panam Sports President Neven Ilic served as a judge after logging on virtually ©Panam Sports
Panam Sports President Neven Ilic served as a judge after logging on virtually ©Panam Sports

"I just would like to congratulate you, it has been a great process, congratulations to the jury and above all to the participants," said Ilic. 

"Thank you all for being part of this beautiful party. 

"The song has a tremendous rhythm, I'm sure the young people are going to enjoy it. 

"Thank you to everyone and a big congratulations to the winning artist, you did a great job."

Cali 2021 will be the inaugural edition of the Junior Pan American Games.

The event was supposed to take place in September but was rescheduled to between November 25 and December 5 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm very happy for the great participation," said Echeverry.

"We received 25 proposals, all very important from our land. 

"I'd like to thank the participants, and I congratulate the winner Hendrix Hinestroza for his great work. 

"The jury really liked his proposal and I think we agree that it is the work that stood out in this contest."