Raffaele Chiulli was re-elected as President of ARISF ©Getty Images

Raffaele Chiulli, the President of the Association of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Recognised International Sports Federations (ARISF), has been re-elected to his position at the organisation's virtual General Assembly.

The Italian, who has held the position since 2013, stood unopposed in the position and is now into his third term.

He had served also as the President of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) before being replaced by IOC Executive Board member Ivo Ferriani last month following the conclusion of his term.

Chiulli also heads the International Powerboating Union.

International Underwater Federation President Anna Arzhanova was re-elected as vice-president unopposed, and President of the World Baseball Softball Confederation, Riccardo Fraccari, is also back in as secretary general.

Joining them on the ARISF Council is Claire Briegal from World Netball, John Lijlelund from the International Floorball Federation and Tom Hollowell from the International Orienteering Federation.

Results from the ARISF Council member election ©ARISF
Results from the ARISF Council member election ©ARISF

There was also a 28-1 approval of a change to statutes that would allow future General Assemblies to be held virtually or in a hybrid format.

The minutes from the 2020 General Assembly were approved by a 33-0 vote, while the audited accounts from last year were approved too.

Roberto Marotta from World Skate and Gianarrigo Rona from World Bridge Federation was re-elected as financial auditors for ARISF by a vote of 28-1.

Chiulli welcomed the six new Federations since the last General Assembly - the International Cheerleading Union, International Federation of Muaythai Associations, International Sambo Federation, International Federation Icestocksport, World Association of Kickboxing Organizations and World Lacrosseto - to ARISF.

He also noted the ongoing future of GAISF, which looks set to be dissolved in May at the next General Assembly in May 2022.

"The ARISF Council was unanimous in finding the dissolution of GAISF needs a thorough consultation before any action is taken," said Chiulli.

New GAISF President Ferriani was written to by the ARISF Council prior to the General Assembly to reconsider the proposed decision, which will be taken to a vote as things stand.

Ferriani made remarks on the GAISF situation during the General Assembly.

"The GAISF Board had already decided to dissolve the association," said Ferriani.

"Be sure all of us are working for the organisation of our sport. 

"I want to create solutions and not problems."