Long jumpers will keep their scores in the final round of Diamond League events following the scrapping of the "Final Three" format ©Getty Images

The Diamond League General Assembly has approved a revision to the "Final Three" format for throwing and jumping events, scrapping the last-round shootout for the win but giving special coverage for athletes on their sixth attempt.

It comes after regular criticism over the competition format, which would see the top three athletes have their marks erased from the first five rounds - meaning the best last jump or throw would win the competition.

A return to the traditional format means the best clean attempt over the six rounds will be earn victory.

A tweak will be made to the running order - with the best-performing athletes competing at the start of the fourth and fifth rounds and not the end.

The first three rounds will be seeded prior to the competition.

There will be a short break after the first five rounds, before the final three then get a sixth attempt.

All live track and field events will be stopped for the duration of this final round to give focus on the athletes.

"The Wanda Diamond League is a world-class premier one-day league," said Diamond League chief executive Petr Stastny. 

"We are committed to using these fast-paced and exciting events to showcase the amazing talents of our athletes which means evolving and developing new ideas, formats and concepts to keep our existing fans engaged and encourage new fans to follow the sport.

"We are grateful to our athletes and meeting organisers for agreeing to trial the 'final three' this season which has seen an increase in attention for those events, which is the primary purpose of the 'final three'.

"We promised a thorough feedback process and have held a series of discussions and meetings to review the format and explore other ideas to innovate around this concept. 

"We are delighted to have found a revised format that all stakeholders in our one-day meetings support and will introduce it into the 2022 season."

Recent changes to the Diamond League have faced criticised, including the decision to scrap several events on the programme such as the 3,000 metres steeplechase and 200m from the end-of-season Diamond League Final. 

However, this was reversed for the 2021 season.

British triple jumper Abigail Irozuru was among those who criticised the Final Three format, which was broadly unpopular among field eventers.

Rule changes made by World Athletics once suggested the Final Three format could be extended to the World Championships and Olympic Games, but this is now unlikely following the Diamond League switch.