The Croatian Olympic Committee is supporting a project for better media coverage of women's sport ©COC

The Croatian Olympic Committee (COC) has signed a cooperation agreement to implement the Women's Voice in Sport project, aimed at improving representation of women's sport in media in Croatia.

A ceremony was held at the Westin Hotel in capital Zagreb and the project is supported by COC, the Ministry of Tourism and Sport and the Ministry of Culture and Media.

The project seeks to increase female athletes' representation in the media, but also change their portrayal and reduce inappropriate terminology, sexism and stereotypes.

"We want to make the biggest possible step in this area, and we will achieve this through division of labour and synergy effect," said Morana Paliković Gruden, COC vice-president and chairperson of the COC Commission for Gender Equality in Sport.

The agreement was signed by Helena Štimac Radin, the director of the Office for Gender Equality of the Croatian Government, COC secretary general Siniša Krajač, Croatian Paralympic Committee (CPC) President Ratko Kovačić and Josip Popovac who is director of the Agency for Electronic Media.

Ljubičić added that as many as 75 per cent of surveyed athletes confirmed they had encountered stereotypes of women not being good at sport, while CPC head Kovačić said the basic task was to get as many young people into sport as possible but especially women.

"We need to strengthen clubs and thus help increase the current share of about 30 percent of women in the competitive segment of athletes with disabilities," Kovačić said. 

"We can do better and more, as demonstrated by the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, where five of our female athletes won three medals."

Journalist Marin Šarec presented the multi-media project at the signing event. 

Šarec's presentation builds on the 2018 launch of a similar one tilted "For greater visibility of women's sport in electronic media".

Croatia won eight medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics but only one came in women's competition - Matea Jelić's taekwondo gold medal.

Croatia sent 40 men to the Games in Japan, versus 20 women.