Anne Hidalgo's Paris 2024 budget has been criticised by The Greens political party ©Getty Images

Representatives from French political party, The Greens, have criticised the budget for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games proposed by the capital's Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

The Greens have regularly voted against the Socialist Party's policies, of which Hidalgo is a member of, including the creation of a municipal police force in June last year.

"We do not share all the choices that have been made by the Mayor, including the massive funding of the Olympic Games or the municipal police," said The Greens councillor Alice Timsit to the Council of Paris at Hôtel de Ville.

"These are expenses which we could have wisely done without."

Timsit highlighted numerous expenses which she described as a waste.

This includes €125 million (£104 million/$141 million) given to Solideo, the company tasked with building infrastructure for the Games.

She also flagged the €25 million (£20 million/$28 million) spent on constructing the Arena La Chappelle which will stage badminton and taekwondo events in the north of Paris.

"The CRC (Regional Court of Auditors) does not fail to point out that these expenses weigh very heavily on the city's budget", said Timsit.

The Council of Paris heard Alice Timsit's concerns over Anne Hidalgo's Paris 2024 budget at the Hôtel de Ville ©Getty Images
The Council of Paris heard Alice Timsit's concerns over Anne Hidalgo's Paris 2024 budget at the Hôtel de Ville ©Getty Images

The CRC had previously reported that, from 2014 to 2019, Paris' financial health had improved but also "had a level of investment that was too high compared to its financial capacities".

Republican David Alphand issued a warning to the Government.

"The Parisian left is in denial over the debt, which the CRC report indicated could reach €8.9 billion (£7.4 billion/$10 billion) in 2026," Alphand said.

"This means that the city of Paris will need to either lower investments or raise taxes."

The Arena La Chappelle is not the only venue that has received criticism.

Last week, the administrative appeals court in Paris cancelled a planning application for a swimming pool that would be used for Olympic training.

It would have meant the destruction of part of the Aubervilliers gardens allotments.

The court said that there were several inconsistencies in the application, pointing to concerns over environmental obligations.

It said that the proposed plan for construction, including a metro station, would "undermine the biodiversity of the area".

The group has been given four months to find a new area for the construction of the venue.