Volunteers helping to clear snow at the Games venue © Getty Images

In a carefully choreographed presentation, Beijing 2022 paid tribute to the volunteers at the Winter Olympic Games.

"The volunteers are the best-known business card from the games despite the masks," volunteer director Teng Shengping said.

"They are the ambassadors of culture, friendship and solidarity."

Volunteers were given special training for COVID-19 precautions, in addition to preparing them for their normal duties.

"When we were recruiting volunteers, we also took into account physical condition and knowledge of winter sports," Shengping continued.

"Compared to 2008, volunteers have had to work harder because of the pandemic and because of distances between the venues. 

"All volunteers have been properly trained and given uniforms, food and insurance.

There were 18,196 volunteers in all, of which 94 per cent are under the age of 35.

Amongst them was Wei Ning, a student at Beijing Forestry University.

"This is a memory forever," Wei said at a media conference today.

Volunteers helped direct photographers to their positions © Getty Images
Volunteers helped direct photographers to their positions © Getty Images

"This experience of working as a volunteer is valuable, it has taught me how to be committed and efficient.

"I have learned something that I can keep for my whole life.

"We are not paid, the meaning of being a volunteer is not measured by money.

Those working in the closed-loop management system were unable to see their families during the traditional Chinese New Year festival which coincided with the Opening of the Games.

"My parents are very proud of me although I couldn’t meet them and be with them." 

The official Olympic newspaper China Daily highlighted the 10 volunteers who had travelled from Taiwan.

"Ten young people from Taiwan provided services to people in Beijing, promoting the Winter Olympics and sharing the island’s charm," the paper said,

On Sunday, a group of volunteers are expected to participate in the Closing Ceremony and receive gifts from the newly-elected members of the International Olympic Committee's Athletes Commission.

Shengping also claimed that all the Olympic volunteers had agreed to stay on for the Paralympic Games.