Mitt Romney, right, led the Salt Lake City 2002 Organising Committee and is now backing another Winter Olympic Games bid from Utah © Getty Images

Salt Lake City 2002 President and chief executive Mitt Romney has thrown his weight behind Utah’s bid to stage the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games for a second, and insisted, "They’re coming back to Utah someday".

Salt Lake City Bid Committee President Fraser Bullock has told a joint meeting of the Park City Council and Summit County Council that 2030 would be the preferred date for any candidacy where they are set to face opposition from Sapporo in Japan, Barcelona and Pyrenees in Spain and Vancouver.

Ukraine have also recently been talking about bidding, despite the imminent threat of a Russian invasion. 

"We want 2030," Bullock told the meeting.

He advised that they would need to "weigh the dynamics" of a potential bid for 2030 as Los Angeles is due to host the 2028 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee had designated the Salt Lake City bid as their preferred option in 2018.

Bullock hopes for a final decision on which year will be the target can be made this summer.

Romney is confident that another Games in Utah would be a popular choice, even though Salt Lake City 2002 ripped apart the Olympic Movement following a bid scandal which saw 10 International Olympic Committee members expelled and another 10 sanctioned.

"Whether we get them in 2030, or 2034, or 2038, that’s something which the international politics will determine, because there are a lot of nations that would like Olympic Winter Games," Romney, now a Senator in the US Congress, said as he was visited an event held in Park City,Utah to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 2002 Games.

"People came out in record numbers.

"They were welcoming, 

"Main Street was just covered with people celebrating, and the athletes were spectacular and our field of play, the quality of our sporting sites,was unparalleled."