Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet has billed 2022 as "a pivotal year" on preparations for the Olympics and Paralympics ©Getty Images

Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet has asked the chair of the Organising Committee's Audit Committee Jacques Lambert to map the risks associated with staging the Olympic and Paralympic Games, billing 2022 "a pivotal year" for preparations.

As reported by French publication L'Équipe, Estanguet wrote to the former chairman of the UEFA Euro 2016 Steering Committee Lambert asking the Paris 2024 Audit Committee to "have a clear and documented vision of the main budgetary and operational risks and challenges" by June 30.

He also hopes to present "an independent analysis of the scope" of Paris 2024's commitment after the French Presidential election in April, with Emmanuel Macron set to seek a second term in office.

A budget review for Paris 2024 is planned at the end of the calendar year, and three-times canoe slalom C1 gold medallist Estanguet is seeking feedback from the Audit Committee "to take stock of all the risks because we are in a pivotal year with a multi-year review at the end of 2022."

"In view of all the arbitrations that we will have to take in 2022, it is interesting to have the vision of this Audit Committee," he said, as reported by L'Équipe.

In a letter to Lambert, Estanguet has asked the Audit Committee to assess the potential impact of inflation on costs among other "main budgetary and operational risks."

The Paris 2024 Audit Committee is chaired by Jacques Lambert, who led the Steering Committee for UEFA Euro 2016 ©Getty Images
The Paris 2024 Audit Committee is chaired by Jacques Lambert, who led the Steering Committee for UEFA Euro 2016 ©Getty Images

A total of €300 million (£250 million/$335 million) has been set aside for "contingencies."

Estanguet has urged the Audit Committee to consider the scale of the plans for the Opening Ceremony along the River Seine and projected income from domestic sponsorship deals in ensuring "the correct budgeting planned for the Ceremonies."

Organisers are hoping for 600,000 people to attend the historic Opening Ceremony in Paris, which is set to feature athletes travelling in boats along a six-kilometre route.

The interministerial delegate for Paris 2024 Michel Cadot recently revealed that he believes preparations and budgeting for the Games are "very well controlled."

Lambert and Cadot are among the nine members of the Audit Committee.

Jean-Marc Oléron, Christian de Vaulchier, Catherine Sueur, François Morinière, Jérémie Pellet, Yves Wehrli and Patricia Langrand complete the Committee.

Paris is set to host the Olympics for the first time in 100 years in 2024 from July 26 to August 11, with the Paralympics due to follow from August 28 to September 8.