Iran is set to send a women's volleyball team to the Asian Games for the first time since 1974 ©Getty Images

Iran is set to field a women’s volleyball team at the Asian Games for the first time in 48 years at Hangzhou 2022.

While Iran has tasted success in the men’s competition, with gold at Incheon 2014 and Jakarta Palembang 2018, no women’s side has represented the Middle East nation at the Asian Games since 1974.

The Iranian team came fifth that year after finishing fourth in 1970 and claiming bronze on their debut in 1966.

In 2012, Iran banned women from attending men's volleyball matches before authorities started lifting the restrictions in 2017, but only to a limited number of pre-vetted women.

British-Iranian woman Ghoncheh Ghavami was arrested in June 2014 after attending an International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) World League match against Italy.

With Iran facing international condemnation, the FIVB said it would not award any further events to the nation until the lifting of the ban.

Islamic Republic of Iran Volleyball Federation President Mohammadreza Davarzani confirmed that a women’s team would participate at this year’s Asian Games, scheduled to be held in Chinese city Hangzhou in September.

"Our strategy is to have a special look at women’s volleyball," Davarzani told the Tehran Times.

A woman holds up a banner during a men's volleyball match at Rio 2016 in protest of Iran's exclusion of female fans ©Getty Images
A woman holds up a banner during a men's volleyball match at Rio 2016 in protest of Iran's exclusion of female fans ©Getty Images

"Fifteen years ago, we started the support of our men’s volleyball team and moved up from 27th to eighth place.

"Iran’s men’s team are among the top 10 teams in the world at the moment and it took a lot of energy, but we want to do the same in the Iranian women's volleyball."

Davarzani has backed Italian coach Alessandra Campedelli, who is in charge of the Iranian women’s team, to help the nation deliver on the big stage.

"To achieve our goals in women's volleyball, we planned to use the experiences of good coaches in the world," said Davarzani.

"After consulting with [former Iran coach) Julio Velasco and other friends, Campedelli was introduced to us and the Italian coach began working with the federation.

"She has experience working with different categories and ages.

"In addition, she had worked with the Italian boys' team, and for this reason, we came to the conclusion that Campedelli can help the Iranian women's volleyball team achieve their goals."

The women’s volleyball competition is due to run from September 8 to 16, with the men’s event set to follow from September 17 to 25.