Russia and Belarus were already banned from IFSC competitions ©Getty Images

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) has suspended the National Federations of Russia and Belarus following the countries invasion of Ukraine.

The decision was taken after 54 delegates from 40 countries and territories attended the 18th IFSC General Assembly in person or virtually and discussed the status of the two federations.

Russia and Belarus invitations to the event were revoked on March 4.

"It was decided to increase the current restrictions already placed on the two National Federations and to move to a suspension of their membership," the IFSC statement read.

"The Executive Board was subsequently mandated to continually assess the situation and consider the removal of the suspension when the circumstances allow."

This is the latest of substantial moves by the IFSC to condemn Russia’s invasion and the support Belarus has provided in their acts.

The IFSC stripped Russia and Belarus of any events they were expected to host ©Getty Images
The IFSC stripped Russia and Belarus of any events they were expected to host ©Getty Images

The IFSC was one of the nine federations who were consulted by the Munich 2022 European Championships Board before the two countries were prohibited from the competition.

It had also suspended all representatives from the Russian and Belarusian National Federations from the governing body’s commission, competitions and working groups.

The two countries were also stripped of IFSC competitions that either nation was scheduled to host until further notice, including the Youth World Championships 2023, that had been due to take place in Voronezh, Russia.

The Boulder and Speed World Cup was expected to be held in Moscow between April 1 and 3 this year while Kaliningrad was anticipated to host the Youth European Cup.

The International Olympic Committee urged International Federations to relocate competitions due to be held in either country and to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from competing.

The next IFSC competition on the calendar is the Climbing World Cup in Meiringen in Switzerland between April 8 and 10.