Munich 2022 are seeking donations in lead up to the event and after ©Munich 2022

Munich 2022 has organised a sports festival to fundraise for refugee children and young people at the Munich-based Olympiapark on April 24.

The fundraiser will be directed towards aiding refugees from several regions, including Ukraine.

The event, which is called "Move For Solidarity Day", is set to give an integrative sports programme for participants to get involved in.

Organisers are accepting a variety of donations - such as balls, jumping, throwing or skill games as well as new or clean toys - from people this month to ensure they can maximise the day.

Munich 2022 is also interested in donations after the event and people can submit their offerings to the Local Organising Committee at the Olympiapark.

A host of activities is due to be held, including table tennis and gymnastics.

Additionally, Munich 2022 planners have given their support for the European Cycling Union’s (UEC) fundraiser labelled "UEC Solidarity & Unity Aid for Ukrainian Cycling", which is aimed towards aiding young athletes who have been adversely affected since Russia invaded the country.

The first edition of the European Championships was hosted four years ago in Glasgow and Berlin.

The event is due to be held between August 11 and 21 this year.