Copenhagen is to hold the FIFAe Finals in July ©FIFA

Denmark's capital Copenhagen is to host the first edition of the FIFAe Finals in July with a prize fund of $1.2 million (£960,000/€1.14 million) on the line.

The FIFAe Finals are to crown the best club, best nation and best individual player on EA Sports release FIFA 22.

Previously, these three categories were not combined at one event, but will be under one roof, concluding after months of world qualifiers.

These categories come under the tournament names the FIFAe World Cup, the FIFAe Club World cup and the FIFAe Nations Cup and are to be played over three consecutive weeks at the Bella Arena in Copenhagen.

First is the FIFAe World Cup, set for July 14 to 17, followed by the Club World Cup from July 20 to 23 and then the Nations Cup from July 27 to 30.

All of the FIFAe Finals are to be broadcast and streamed online, while the last day of the Nations Cup will be open to the public live in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is to hold the inaugural edition of the FIFAe Finals ©Getty Images
Copenhagen is to hold the inaugural edition of the FIFAe Finals ©Getty Images

"FIFA's main ambition is to provide the global football and gaming community with the biggest and most prestigious stage to showcase their skills," said Adrian Rölli, head of eFootball at FIFA.

"The FIFAe Finals will become the place for everyone to watch their heroes - or to become one at the pinnacle event of the year.

"This is the next development of FIFAe and the ultimate setting to create a long-lasting legacy of all participants.

"Together with the Danish Football Association we are beyond excited to welcome the incredibly passionate community on-site at the FIFAe Finals."

A total of 84 countries have participated in this year’s FIFAe Nations Series, a 40 per cent increase on the season before.

The best 23 nations are to join Denmark at the FIFAe Nations Cup, while the best 24 clubs are to make up the FIFAe World Cup.